Prepare for your presentation.
  • Review section 2 of the rubric (click here). Have you met all the technical requirements?
  • Edit and revise as needed.
  • Read the non-technical requirements and plan your presentation accordingly, deciding who will speak at different points of the story and what they will say.
  • Be sure to practice!
  • Ask for help, if needed, or if you are unsure whether or not you've met all the technical requirements.

STEP 11Review section 3 of the rubric (click here) that deals with Group Work. How did you do? If necessary, discuss this section with your group to be sure everyone has done what they need to do or will have done what they need to do by the end of the project, including the presentation itself. If your group is having any difficulty, please see Mrs. Ross.

See Mrs. Ross if you have any questions or need suggestions and guidance.

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