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STEP 8Use Prezi to create your digital story. Be sure that you include the following:

  • A brief background on your function (i.e., brief review information on either the quadratic or exponential function) for your viewers.
  • An introduction to your real-world problem. Be sure your facts can be clearly understood by your viewers.
  • Definition of the variables and very clear explanations what each variable represents.
  • Written function to model your situation.
  • Explanation of what you need to solve the problem (y-intercepts, vertex, etc.).
  • Explanation of how you solved the problem.
  • Explanation of what your solution means.
  • An explanation of the checks you performed to show your solution is reasonable.
  • A graph of your function with explanations of different points on the graph, including the point that represents your solution.
  • A summary of your problem and solution.

If needed, go back and review the sample student project again.

STEP 9Compare your digital story to the section 1 of the rubric (click here) to be sure you are on track with the Content of your project/presentation. Make adjustments as needed.

See Mrs. Ross if you have any questions or need suggestions and guidance.

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